ICT Infrastructure

Format VIICT Infrastructure of the Vidyalaya as on 30/04/2017

Proforma – I (Computer Infrastructure)

No. of Comp. lab No. of Comp lab having LAN  connectivity Internet facility  YES/ NO Broad band connection YES/ NO Website and its addr
   02 02 Yes Yes www.kvmissamari.edu.in

Proforma – II (Functioning of E-mail of KV)

S. No E-mail address Is E-mail address functional? YES/ NO Date on which last E-mail was sent/ Received



Yes, E-Mail address is functional 29/0 4/2 0 17

Proforma – III (Functioning of website  in KV)

S. No Has KV its own website YES/ NO If yes, its  address Is it regularly updated YES/ NO Date on which it was last updated
01 Yes www.kvmissamari.edu.in Yes 29/04/2017

Proforma – IV (Website Update)

S. No No. of Items updated/uploaded Name of Subjects updated/uploaded in the Website with date
01 01 01
1 All pages in the website TC, Enrolment, Staff Member List, Vacancy Position, Homepage, Tenders, Alumini Section, Activities, Merit List, Result Analysis, News, VMC Page, Bulletin Board, etc.

Proforma – V (Student Computer ratio)

S. No Total no. of students Total no. of computers Student computer ratio (No. of students divided by no. of computers)
01 792 65 13:8

Proforma – VI (Teachers trained in the use of computer)

S. No Total no. of teachers No. of teachers in the use of computers. Mention under which programme they are trained
1 17 All teachers use computer in teaching

Proforma – VII (Summary of comparison of the last two months data)

S. No Item As on the last day of the last to last month As on the last day of the last month
01 02 03 04
1 1. Total No. of computers 65 65
  2. No. of computer labs 02 02
  3. Whether having internet connectivity Yes Yes
  4. Whether  having Broadband Yes Yes
  5. Whether having own website Yes Yes
  6. Whether single computer lab No No
SNo Description Number
1 No. of Computer Laboratories 2
2 Total No.of Students in the KV 792
3 No. of Computers for students 65
4 Student Computer ratio 13:8
5 No. of Computer in staff  Room 2
6 No. of Computer for office staff 2
7 Speed of Broadband connection in the KV 5 Mbps
8 No. of LCD Projector 1
9 No. of TV (LCD TV) 3
SNo Description No of Computers
 1 No of Computer in IP Lab (Lab-2) 25
 2 No of Computer in Computer Lab (Lab-1) 28
 3 No.of Computers in the Staff Common Room 02
 4 No.of Computers for Office Staff 02
 5 No of Computer in Principal’s Chamber 01
 6  No. of Computer for Library 01
 7 No. of Computer in AV Room 01
 8 No. of Computer in Exam Department 01
 9 No. of Computer in Activity Room 02
 10 No. of Computers in Vice Principal Room
11. No. of Computers in Labs (Phy, Che, Bio) 02
  Total No. of Computer in KV  65