Exam Schedule

Month Proposed Schedule
July FA-1 for classes III to X (3rd week), Monthly Test for class-XII
August UT-I for class XI and XII(2nd-3rd week), FA-2 classes III to X
September SA-1(2nd week), Monthly test for class-XII
[Date Sheet will be decided by RO]
October UT-II for classes XI and XII(1st-2nd week)
November Half yearly exam for classes XI-XII(3rd-4th week [Date sheet will be decided by RO]
December Monthly Test for class-XII, Pre-Board Examination
January 1st-2nd week FA-3 for classes III-X, UT-3 for class XI, Monthly test for class XII, Pre Board exam
February FA-4 classes III to X, Pre Board X,XII
March SA-2 classes III to X, Session Ending Exam class XI, Board Exam X, XII
[Date sheet will be decided by RO]